Highlights of Southern Vietnam

      Route: Saigon – Mekong Delta – Vung Tau Beach – Saigon


- This tour provides a small groups of 4-6 people the opportunity to customize their travel experience to fit their unique travel and photography interests.

- Open Tour CT will provide two guides for the entire trip as well as a professional photographer for coaching and assistance with photos.

- We show you a must see places for Photography, with different concepts each day. (Human, rural life, city hustle, black alley, hidden coner...)


  • Gain a first-hand understanding of the Mekong Delta lifestyle.
  • Visit handicrafts villages.
  • Experience the rich, historic culture of Vietnam.
  • Learn the history of southern Vietnam—first-hand from those who lived it.
  • Relaxing at one of Vietnam historic beach resorts.
  • Attend traditional musical and cultural performances.
  • Feast on delicious authentic food and western cuisines.
  • Explore the sights of Saigon.
  • Personal photography and photo development coaching support.


  • 4 days in Mekong Delta

To visit cities selected by tour members. We’ll meet and talk with families, visit important historic sites, cruise the Mekong in small boats, sample the Delta’s unique cuisine, and much more. (Including home stays if the group requests)

  • 3 days in Saigon 

To experience this unique city’s mix of the past and the present.  We’ll take the group to un-touristy locations for a glimpse of Saigon that few Westerners are able to see. 

  • 2 days in Ho Tram, Vung Tau

Vietnam’s justifiably famous beaches offer a chance to relax at world class resorts with spectacular views, great service and lifetime memories.

  • 1 free day for your own activities.

> HOST by:

  1. Mr. Gary Bridges:

Throughout the trip, Gary Bridges will offer photography coaching for each tour member.  During the day, you’ll have a chance to shoot side-by-side with Gary at locations selected by members of the group.  In the evening, Gary will help you develop your photos, using Adobe Lightroom on your laptop or Gary’s.

  1. Ms. Thao Ngo

Ms Thao Ngo is present for Open Tour CT, which offers customized tours for small group of customers. She is also a guide/translator/location scout and fixer. 

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